viernes, 27 de diciembre de 2013

Working with chapter 8 of Angel Guardian.

I´m working with the chapter 8. 

Actually, the pages are in pencil step and there are a lot only in sketch.

I´m happy with the results and i´m expecting for begin the ink and screentoning process! 

miércoles, 25 de diciembre de 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hi friends:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope all of you enjoyed the day and received many gifts!
After a long time almost stopped, i´m now ready to return to work.  And i say almost stopped, because during this long time i continued working a little with some of the manga i do, i´ve been making sketches, practicing and doing other activities.

Last Dec 15th, i was invited to participate in a Venezuelan manga convention (Shin Osecon), like one of the artists invited to speak to the audience about what we do.  So, my intervention was based on webcomics.  I did a video about how i do a manga page, you can watch it here:

It was a very stressing week because i fell sick with an strong flu and i lost my voice during the entire week, i was worried i could not talk the day of the event but fortunately i recovered it the day before and everything was fine, now i remember that and i laugh a lot.  The intervention of the others artists was amazing.  I´m very happy and honored to be selected to be with them in the same event.

By other side, i entered in a manga contest months ago.  Finally the results were announced. I didn´t win but that not makes me feel sad or bad.  Rather, it made me realize what i can do and if the next year there is another contest i will participate again!

In other news, yesterday was Marilyn´s birthday so we celebrate it as every year!  She is 4 year old now!  She celebrate it a lot:  sleeping! XD  Here you can see her

Well, i do not want to do a very extensive journal so i will prepare to work!  I really needed a time to put my head in order.  This was not an easy year for me.  I had to close many cycles in my life, some of them good, others a little painful but they are finally closed.  I´m having two weeks of vacations so now i can rest my body too and enjoy the little things i love to do like play videogames without time limits *giggle*, watch a movie, read a book or just sleep hugging my cat.

Keep in touch!

jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013


I wanted to work today with Midori. I was curious to know how she would look like wearing Kyrsiel´s uniform, so i did it! 

Do not complain, Kyrsiel! 


Quise trabajar hoy con Midori. Tenía curiosidad por saber cómo se vería vestida con el uniforme de Kyrsiel, así que lo hice!

¡No te quejes, Kyrsiel!

Midori © Reenave

miércoles, 27 de noviembre de 2013

The Prince - Sketch

Today, i worked with the character The Prince of the fancomic "Renascence"

The Prince is totally childish, a little mischievous and he enjoys to annoy to his sister, The Princess.

Hoy, he trabajado con el personaje El Príncipe del fancomic "Renacimiento"

El Príncipe es totalmente infantil, un poco travieso y le gusta molestar a su hermana, La Princesa.

martes, 26 de noviembre de 2013

Hatraziel Sketch


Today, i worked with Hatraziel, the little guardian angel of Kyrsiel and Gersiel´s adoptive mother.

Hatraziel enjoys a lot to make Kyrsiel feels like a fool when he does something wrong.

It was a little difficult to do the pose using the arc and arrow, because i did not have any references and i couldn´t do the pose at the office to understand the position of the body.


Hoy, he trabajado con Hatraziel, el pequeño ángel de la guarda de la madre adoptiva de Kyrsiel y Gersiel.

Hatraziel disfruta mucho hacer que Kyrsiel se sienta como un tonto cuando hace algo mal.

Fue un poco difícil hacer la pose con el arco y la flecha, porque  no tenía ninguna referencia y no pude hacer la pose en la oficina para entender la posición del cuerpo.

Hatraziel © Reenave

lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013

Begining the Day


I wanted to sketch how Kyrsiel and Gersiel prepare themselves to go to school... Kyrsiel as usual is a lazy angel! XD


Quería dibujar cómo Kyrsiel y Gersiel se preparan para ir a la escuela ... ¡Kyrsiel, como de costumbre, es un ángel perezoso! XD

Kyrsiel and Gersiel © Reenave

viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

Raziel Sketch


The character for the sketch of today was Raziel with the design for the fancomic "Weakness".

I did a quick sketch for the last one, but i would like to find a pic for reference and do a better drawing of that pose. I realized i could not see how the muscles of the arm might look on that way.


El personaje para el boceto de hoy fue Raziel con el diseño del fancomic "Weakness".

Hice un boceto rápido para el último, pero me gustaría encontrar una foto de referencia y hacer un mejor dibujo de esa pose. Me di cuenta de que no podía ver cómo los músculos del brazo lucirían de esa manera.

Raziel © Crystal Dynamic
"Weakness" fancomic made by Reenave

jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2013

Edmond Van Zizegar Sketch.


 The character for the sketch done during my lunch hour today was Edmond Van Zizegar of the story "Steel Blood". Edmond is very mysterious and i like a lot how this character appears for first time in the story. I cannot say anymore or it would be spoiler! XD Sorry, i couldn´t finish his hand of the image at the bottom >///<


 El persojaje para el boceto hecho durante mi hora de almuerzo de hoy fue Edmond Van Zizegar de la historia "Steel Blood". Edmond es muy misterioso y me gusta mucho cómo aparece este personaje por primera vez en la historia. No puedo decir más, o sería Spoiler! XD Lo siento, no pude terminar la mano de la imagen en la parte inferior> / / / < Steel Blood written by BlazinFlizard Hellbat Character design and adapted to manga by Reenave

miércoles, 20 de noviembre de 2013

Gersiel sketches

During my lunch hour, i began to sketch a little..I couldn´t focus on anything, there were many things around my mind. So, i did some rough sketches of Gersiel. I realized that something is changing in my way to make drawings...i hope it could be the begining to a new step on my learning process! Durante la hora del almuerzo, me puse a dibujar un poco .. No podía concentrarme en nada, había muchas cosas en mi mente. Así que hice algunos bocetos rápidos de Gersiel. Me di cuenta que algo está cambiando en mi manera de hacer dibujos ... espero que pueda ser el comienzo de un nuevo paso en mi proceso de aprendizaje!

sábado, 26 de octubre de 2013

Raziel sketch

I was trying a new design of Raziel, so i did a quick sketch of him. What do you think about it? :D Made with Manga Studio EX4

domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

Update in Tumblr.

Hi!! I´m planning some changes in sites, so i decided to begin with Tumblr. I did not changed the theme because i love Hello Kitty , but i added a section for "Gallery" (it´s in progress yet), an "Ask" page (if you want to ask anything about drawing) and a "Other Sites" page to keep a list of them. Now i must prepare a very late lunch and to work with a character! ;) See you!

sábado, 12 de octubre de 2013

Returning to normal life! :)

As many of my followers and readers know, i was in a hiatus for around three months, attending a personal project. To be focus on finish it timely i dedicated every single free moment so that implied to be working during nights and weekends. The only place where i went during this time was to the supermarket to buy food! XDD I finished timely! So i took a little time to rest and return to the manga. Last weekend I went to shopping. I felt very weird after been months working at home on weekends! This saturday, i decided to go to the park. I went to "The East Park" as it is more known. The name is because it´s situated at the east of the city. I forgot today was holiday so it was full of people!
The day was perfect! Sunny but not too much. Lately, it have been very hot in Venezuela! The first animal I saw was a very tiny turtle! It came near to us but it was a little shy! XD A duck was there too!
I kept walking during a time and i arrived to my favorite place!
There, grow some trees that make with their branches and leaves a ceiling. When is raining season, you can see it like a solid green ceiling! Now, due the hot season, they have lost a lot of leaves!
I stayed there for a long time. It´s very peaceful and it helps to keep quiet your mind. I stayed around during a time and made some sketches. Then i went to visit animals. I made some skeches of birds and monkeys. These last ones always make me laugh a lot with their mischief.
Then, i went to the lake. I always love to see the water and the birds that come near to you looking for some food! There, i ate an empanada and stayed a long time. I wanted to sleep during a time on the grass, but a man came near to me and began to talk during a long time. He liked paint and music too, so we stayed talking during a long.
By the way, that beautiful mountain behind is "El Avila". It´s at the North of the city. It´s one of the things i love more of my city!
I returned at home before the sunset. I enjoyed as never before this day! I played like a little girl, i ate ice cream and talk with a lot of children that came to my side to see what i was drawing. I was needing a day like this!

miércoles, 24 de julio de 2013

Reenave Stores.

Hi friends! I´m enjoying this vacation week drawing a lot and putting things in order! ^^ One of the things i wanted to do it was my new store and here it is!! Reenave Store Through this store there will be available commissions and handmade stuff. You can access to it using my Facebook page in the section "store". In the Zazzle store Reenave Store there will be other kind of stuff. At the moment is not updated but i will let you know as soon as it is. About the project i´m working on is going very good. I hope to complete it very soon to be able to continue with the other stories. See you!

domingo, 14 de julio de 2013

Update! ^^

Hi all! ^^

I´ve not been very active last days here.  But i´ve been working night over night on my project ^^
This weekend, i decided to give a free time to me, so i was playing Resident Evil 4, Test Driver, Metal Gear Snake Eater and Castlevania Lament of the Innocence.  I really was missing to have some time to have fun!
Free time is over and i have to return to work!  Next week i will be on vacation, just one week.  I will be drawing a lot and making some pending arts!!
Para los lectores de "Ángel Guardián" en Subcultura:
El site tuvo un mantenimiento y se perdieron más de 500 webcomics.  Los administradores están trabajando en la recuperación de los archivos pero les tomará su tiempo.  Mientras se soluciona esto, no habrán actualizaciones de la historia en Subcultura.  Mil disculpas por ello! 
Por lo pronto sólo actualizaré en  MangaMagazine y próximamente estará disponible en Tapastic
I hope all of you are ok!  Next week i will be more around here and maybe i will do an stream 


Have a great week! 

domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

sábado, 13 de abril de 2013

Angel Guardian in Tapastic

New pages of "Angel Guardian are uploaded in @Tapastic #webcomics #manga

lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

Feature Serie - Remote Angel


Today i want to share with you the information about a serie of a partner in the Tapastic site:  Remote Angel.

Here is the synopsis of the serie:

"Alice Desangi has had some haunting dreams lately. She can't stop thinking about them, but her friends tell her not to worry - until her dreams come true! A mysterious woman, along with these demonic beings, appear and set out to kill her! Alice is called to fight alongside with heaven against hell!"

Remote Angel  by YennieFer

Remote Angel is written and draw by YennieFer and updated 4 times during the week.

Take a look of it and spread the word!!

sábado, 6 de abril de 2013

Livestream On!

I will be working a little in Livestream in about 15 minutes with the next page of "Weakness".  You are welcome if you want to chat a little

jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

Angel Guardian in Tapastic

Hi, hi! ^^

I wanted to share with you that "Angel Guardian" will be published in Tapastic.  The updates will be weekly on Saturdays!

Thanks in advance for the support you can give to my story! I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as i do when i`m drawing it!! ♥


sábado, 23 de marzo de 2013

Angel Guardian Manga / Comic on

Angel Guardian Manga / Comic on

New page uploaded!

Commissions are open

Commissions with payments through Paypal are open.  Info about prices here:

<object width="450" height="671"><param name="movie" value=""><param name="flashvars" value="id=361179515&width=1337"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="450" height="671" flashvars="id=361179515&width=1337" allowscriptaccess="always"></embed></object><br><a href="">Commissions prices</a> by *<a class="u" href="">Reenave</a> on <a href="">deviantART</a>

Keep in mind i reserve the right to decline a commission if it is abusive, obscene or breaks the rules of DeviantArt.

viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013

Random Things


The last weekend I was accompanying my fellow illustrators at the Stand who had the Ring (Network Graphics Illustrators and Storytellers Venezuela) at the International Book Fair (Filven).

On Saturday I was from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm attending to the public who approached to ask about what we were doing, doing demonstrations  of digital drawing and Saturday I was doing some pencil drawings too.

We had a Great Time! People were very kind with us and the booth was filled for moments with so much public that could not pass up the hall!

I had many beautiful experiences in those days and curious anecdotes, as people who thought the program was drawing and came to see if I was tracing a drawing on the tablet. XD

Something that touched my heart was the gesture of a child. I was drawing a picture of Raziel and it liked him so much that he asked permission to take it a picture.  I left him do it and I gave the drawing to him. The boy was very happy with his drawing and he went so I continued working. After a while someone touched my back, it was the same boy who handed me a chocolate and said: - "Take! By the picture you gave me! I almost begin to cry!

I took some pictures of the event. Others were published by the Network Here I leave the links in case they wish to see them. Those who do not know me yet, try to guess who I am XDD

Other Topics

Since Thursday of last week I am suffering from a strong pain in my back and shoulders. I could hardly recover to attend the weekend's activity of the Ring. On Monday and could hardly walk so I went to the doctor on Tuesday who scolded me and ordered me realizarme an x-ray of my spine. Fortunately is fine but I have a strong muscular contraction caused by stress and I'm under medical treatment.

Because of this I have not drawn much lately and I have not made many updates. I hope the pain yield soon with the treatment.

For the fans of "Hell Hath No Fury", I  want to tell them that I will  be doing an update of the story very soon. For some reason I could not connect with the story to capture the feelings in this chapter, but I feel  my muse has returned so I hope to catch up soon. ^ ^

Now to end this long journal, my friend: blazinFlizard: did I meet a band that has me trapped. This is the video.

Now I want to draw Gersiel and Kyrsiel as rockers! LOL

I retire to bed, but first I want to thank you for all the messages and favs! I'll be answering them soon!

Have a nice day!!!


  Stand del Ring 

El fin de semana pasado estuve acompañando a mis compañeros ilustradores en el Stand que tuvo el Ring (Red de Ilustradores y Narradores Gràficos de Venezuela) en la Feria Internacional del Libro (FILVEN).

El sábado estuve desde las 11:00 a.m hasta las 7:00 p.m. y el domingo desde las 9:00 a.m. hasta las 6:00 p.m. atendiendo al público que se acercaba a preguntar sobre lo que hacíamos, haciendo demostraciones de dibujo en digital y el sábado estuve haciendo algunos dibujos a lápiz también.

¡La pasamos genial!  Las personas fueron muy amables con nosotros y por momentos el stand se llenaba tanto de público que ¡no se podía pasar por el pasillo!

Tuve muchas experiencias lindas en esos días y anecdotas curiosas, como personas que pensaban que el programa hacía el dibujo y se acercaban a ver si estaba calcando algún dibujo sobre la tablet.

Algo que me tocó el corazón fue el gesto de un niño.  Estaba haciendo un dibujo de Raziel y le gustó tanto que me pidió permiso para tomarle una foto.  Le dejé hacerlo y le regalé el dibujo.  El niño se fue muy emocionado con su dibujo y yo continué trabajando.  Al rato alguien me tocó la espalda, era el mismo niño que me entregó un chocolate y me dijo: -"Toma!  Por el dibujo que me regalaste!  ¡Casi se me salen las lágrimas!

Tomé algunas fotos del evento. Otras fueron publicadas por la Red.  Acá les dejo los links por si desean verlas.  Quienes no me conocen aún, traten de adivinar quién soy XDD

Otros temas

Desde el jueves de la semana pasada estoy padeciendo un fuerte dolor en mi espalda y hombros.  Apenas pude recuperarme para poder asistir el fin de semana a la actividad del Ring.  El lunes ya no podía casi caminar así que el martes fui al doctor, quien me regañó y me ordenó realizarme unos rayos x de mi columna vertebral.  Afortunadamente está bien pero tengo una fuerte contractura muscular ocasionada por estrés y estoy en tratamiento médico.

Debido a esto no he dibujado mucho últimamente ni he realizado muchas actualizaciones.  Espero que con el tratamiento ceda pronto el dolor.

Para los seguidores de "Hell Hath No Fury", quiero avisarles que pronto estaré haciendo una actualización de la historia.  Por alguna razón no lograba conectarme con la historia para plasmar los sentimientos que hay en este capítulo, pero ya siento que mi musa ha regresado así que espero ponerme al día pronto. ^^

Ya para finalizar este largo journal, mi amigo :blazinflizard:  me hizo conocer una banda que me tiene atrapada.  Este es el video.
Ahora quiero dibujar a Kyrsiel y Gersiel como rockeros!  LOL

Ahora me retiro a dormir, no sin antes agradecerles por todos los mensajes y favs!!  Estaré respondiéndoles pronto!

¡Que tengan lindo día!

sábado, 9 de marzo de 2013

Livestream On!

I will be working a little in Livestream with manga pages.  You are welcome if you want to chat a little

viernes, 8 de marzo de 2013

Livestream On!

I will be working a little in Livestream with random sketches and maybe a manga page.  You are welcome if you want to chat a little  :la:

sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

Razón de la inactividad - Reason of the inactivity




Hi all!


These last few weeks have been rather inactive in social networks or DeviantArt. However, I have not stopped drawing a single day. ^ ^


The reason for inactivity is I've been working on some proposals and material that will have the stand of "Red de Ilustradores y Narradores Gráficos de Venezuela (RING)"(Venezuela Network Graphics Illustrators and Storytellers is more or less in English) in the  Filven.


I will be sharing with my fellow illustrators and cartoonists during the two weekends of the two-week the  event will be.


This event will be from 8th to 17th March.


I am very excited and also nervous because it will be the first time that I will be sharing with the public live in an event that has such a lot people visiting!. At the same time, I feel very honored to share with excellent artists during those days and drawing at their side.


Sorry I did not update any of the manga, but with the limited time I have in the evenings, I focus first on one activity and then another. I hope to post an update next week 




Now back to drawing! ^ ^





¡Hola a todos!


Estas últimas semanas he estado algo inactiva en redes sociales o en DeviantArt.  Sin embargo, no me he detenido un solo día en dibujar. ^^


La razón de la inactividad es que he estado trabajando en algunas propuestas y en material para el stand que tendrá la "Red de Ilustradores y Narradores Gráficos" (RING) en la Filven.


Estaré compartiendo con mis colegas ilustradores y dibujantes durante los dos fines de semana de las dos semanas que durará el evento de la Filven.


Este evento será del 8 al 17 de Marzo.


Estoy muy emocionada y a la vez nerviosa, ya que será la primera vez que estaré compartiendo en vivo con el publico en un evento que tiene tanta afluencia de personas.  A la vez, me siento muy honrada de poder compartir con  excelentes artìstas nacionales.


Disculpen que no he hecho actualizaciones de los manga, pero con el limitado tiempo que tengo en las noches, debo enfocarme primero en una actividad y luego otra.  Espero poder subir una actualización la próxima semana >//////<


Ahora, de vuelta a dibujar! ^^



Angel Guardian Manga / Comic on

Angel Guardian Manga / Comic on

Updated today in Manga Magazine!!

lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013

Angel Guardian - Chapter 6

Its updated in Smackjeeves! Take a look of the plans that Agramon has against those angels

domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

Go Go Nao-P : ゆうかい

Go Go Nao-P : ゆうかい: チョット前の話ですが… 証拠写真w

Take a look at this 4-koma made by Nao Yazawa ^^

martes, 12 de febrero de 2013

Carnivals / Carnavales


During these days of Carnival I could advance fairly with stories, illustrations and sketches to do I wanted.Even start putting some order in my DeviantArt gallery!

I started with folders of "R & J" and Weakness ". There you will find sub ​​folders to be classified in chapter, character design, work in progress (WIP) and illustrations.

I hope to do the same with the rest of the folders and stories to make it easier to find information. ^ ^

Moreover, I'll be opening commissions both for points as payment via Paypal. My goal this year is to buy the upgrade of Manga Studio 5 and if possible buy a new computer or laptop, so I want to dedicate my efforts to work for it! : D

For not over work myself and meet with the commissioners, I will open slots for different types of commissions with I will work!

If someone from my country (Venezuela), wants commission me, just contact me for details in local currency ^ ^

Have nice day!


Durante estos días de Carnaval he podido adelantar bastante con las historias, hacer ilustraciones y bocetos que quería.  ¡Incluso empezar a poner algo de orden en mi Galería de DeviantArt!

Empecé con las carpetas de "R&J" y Weakness".  Allì encontrarán sub carpetas donde estarán clasificados por capítulo, diseño de personajes, trabajos en progreso (WIP) e ilustraciones.

Espero hacer lo mismo con el resto de las carpetas e historias para que sea más fácil de encontrar la información. ^^

Por otra parte, estaré abriendo comisiones tanto por puntos como por pagos via Paypal.  Mi objetivo este año es comprar el upgrade de Manga Studio 5 y de ser posible comprar una nueva computadora o laptop, así que quiero dedicar mi esfuerzo a trabajar por ello! :D

Para no sobrecargarme de trabajo y poder cumplir a los que comisionan, abriré slots para los diferentes tipos de comisiones con los que trabajaré!

Si alguien de mi país (Venezuela), quiere comisionarme, sólo contáctenme para los detalles en moneda local ^^

¡Que tengan lindo día!

jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Talking about characters....

Today, i was returning home listening music, when suddenly one song inspired me one scene.  It was very clear like if i was watching it in a big screen in front of me, so i began to type every single detail.  I tried not to lose any word that they were talking about it. Then, i realized i was almost crying with the scene, so i had to take a deep breath to avoid to cry  in front of my job partners XD

This is something that happens to me frequently, not only during the process to make dialogues but when i`m drawing the pages.  I need to feel the emotions of every character to put them on paper or the computer screen :P

I´ve asked to other artists if something similar happens to them during their creative process and some of then answer affirmative while others say they never had experienced something like that.

It`s nice to empathize with your characters.  It makes you feel you can really understand them, even if they are the good or bad boys, reflect their own feelings, not yours, but it can be a very exhausting experience.

It`s like if you are an instrument through they want to express themselves.  In my case, some of them like Kyrsiel is like is he who is taking decisions even in the mapping of the scenes! No matter how much i try to do an scene how i want, he will always find a way to do the scene fit to his desire XD

And if i am sincere, i love to see how they manage at the end to tell their own stories and not the one i want to tell  ^^

sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

Work in progress ... Illustration on

Work in progress ... Illustration on

I´m working with the next page of "Steel Blood".  I´m already in the inking process. The page changed a lot of the original sketch.  I´m testing a new pannels disposition...let`s going to see how look the final work XD

Estoy trabajando con la siguiente página de "Steel Blood". ..Estoy ya en el proceso de entintado. La página cambió mucho con respecto al boceto inicial. Estoy probando con una nueva disposición de las viñetas...¡veremos qué tal queda el trabajo final! XD

sábado, 26 de enero de 2013

Meeting with the RING members / Reunión con miembros del RING


Hoy tuvimos una reunión los miembros de la Red de Ilustradores, mejor conocida como RING por sus siglas.  Fue interesante y emocionante ver tantos jóvenes dibujantes con tantas ideas y propuestas.  Se ve mucho interés y empeño de los líderes para que esta propuesta llegue lejos.  Depende de nosotros los artistas llevarla hasta allá.
Por cierto, me sorprendió gratamente encontrar compañeros que me identificaron rápidamente por mi nombre artístico XD  Y por supuesto recibí feedback, sobre todo en un punto importante:  las publicaciones las hago mayormente en inglés y no todos lo entienden V_V
Generalmente lo hago de esa forma porque dispongo de muy poco tiempo y la mayoría de mis seguidores dominan el inglès, pero es algo que no puedo pasar por alto, así que haré un esfuerzo y publicaré en ambos idiomas tanto como me sea posible ^^
También pude reencontrarme con viejas amistades y conversar un buen rato!  Realmente fue una muy buena experiencia.
La próxima semana tendremos reunión nuevamente, así que  estaré super contenta de tener con quien hablar sobre dibujo un buen rato! XD


Today we had a meeting the members of the Network of Illustrators, better known by its initials as RING. It was interesting and exciting to see so many young artists with many ideas and proposals. It looks much interest and commitment of the leaders to bring this initiative goes far.  Depend to us, the artists to bring this proposal there.
By the way, I was pleasantly surprised to find partners who quickly identified me by my nick name XD And of course I got feedback, especially on an important point: I do mostly publications in English and not everyone understand it V_V
I usually do it that way because I have very little time and most of my followers are fluent in English, but it's something I can not overlook, so I'll make an effort and publish in both languages ​​much as I can ^ ^
I was also able to reconnect with old friends and talk a a long! It really was a very good experience.
Next week there will be other meeting l again, so I'm very happy to have someone to talk about drawing a good time! XD

domingo, 6 de enero de 2013

Returning to normal life....

Today is the last day of my vacations.  Tomorrow i must to return to the normal rutine.

My cat Marilyn knows it already, so she is around me all day and when she looks i stand of my seat, she runs behind me to see where i am going to and meows.  It would be hard to be today all the day waiting the night to see her and give her a lot of kisses and hugs! TAT

During these two last weeks i had a lot of fun.  I put in order many things not only in my artistic life but personal too.

I had a huge list of things to do.  I could not finished all of them but i´m very happy with the amount i could close and others are on the way.  Many ideas borned during these days and i took note of all of them! I would like to do them all at the same time! :giggle:

Many of you return tomorrow to classes or work.  Go with a lot energy and disposition to make your dreams come true!  Remember, you have an entire year to work on them! \^0^/

Keep in touch!

Renascence Manga / Comic on

Renascence Manga / Comic on

New page is up!

miércoles, 2 de enero de 2013

New Year - New Resolutions

♪ Hi, hi!!! ♫

Happy New Year! :party:

I hope all of you enjoyed a beautiful holidays and I wish you the best for this new year.

I want to share somethings about what did I learned of the last year and what will be my resolutions for this year.  Sorry, it would be maybe a little long journal XD

                What did I learn:

These are experiences not only about me, but all around my personal and artistic life:
  • Be greatful:  I´ve received support during the year of many people! In any aspect of my life!  I really appreciate it!  And I do not have ways to retribute this.  Those people have been my strength in the moment I thought I could not continue and the idea to give up flied around my head.  Thank you very much to all of them!
  •  Push your limits:   During the year I received some works that for a moment I thought I could not do it.  I almost through the towel without try it!   But I push myself to do it and I could!  And the results were amazing!  Even more amazing that I was expecting.  No matter how much you read and the people tell you about the limits are inside of you.  You must to live the experience and see the results to prove that all the people told you is right!
  •  Put order, makes schedules:  Something that was very useful to not collapse with all the things! XD
  •  Don`t compare:  Your art is your personal trademark.  During the year I read about many sentences like: “He/she is better than me” “I could never reach that level” “My art is not good”.  I want to say to all my artist parters that your art is unique.  Those people got that level working hard, studying, practicing days and nights.  If you like a specific mangaka look for his/her works.  Not the last ones, the first ones!  You will see how they works were changing with the time, making better and better.  Love what you do and you will see how it will make you happy, if you are going to compare your work, do it with yourself to see your improves.  Feel proud of your progress, which is not something bad.  It`s the compensation to your hard work.  But do not lie to yourself.  If it something bad, something that you cannot do yet, study and practice as much as you can.  Constance and dedication are the keys.
  •  Stop Complain, act: In any aspect of the life, you will find things that you don`t like or you cannot be agreeing with them.  Complaining are not going to make them disappears.  If you can change them Do it!  Don`t wait to any other one do it for you.  If you cannot, don’t waste time on them and use that time to yourself and to beloved people.

Resolutions for the new Year:

I am not going to do a loooong list of goals.  I prefer to focus in a single list and during the year review and add other ones if I feel these were done:

  • ·         Improve anatomy:  Male and female.  Both need a lot of improve in my works.  I will be adding animals to my studies too.
  • ·         Improve in backgrounds and costumes:  I began last year and I saw improves but not the  enough I was expecting.
  • ·         Learn new screentones techniques:  I will be studying works of different comic and manga artists to add new techniques.  The use of black is something I want to learn too.  My actual works are too white! XD
  • ·         Study about any program:  I want to make any course about drawing programs. Flash is someone that catched my attention lately.  Indeed I studied two years of animation but in the traditional way.  I would like to try something different this year.

Well, this one was the first journal of the year.  Sorry for the long text! 

I wish all of you can get your resolutions and goals in this year!