sábado, 26 de octubre de 2013

Raziel sketch

I was trying a new design of Raziel, so i did a quick sketch of him. What do you think about it? :D Made with Manga Studio EX4

domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

Update in Tumblr.

Hi!! I´m planning some changes in sites, so i decided to begin with Tumblr. I did not changed the theme because i love Hello Kitty , but i added a section for "Gallery" (it´s in progress yet), an "Ask" page (if you want to ask anything about drawing) and a "Other Sites" page to keep a list of them. Now i must prepare a very late lunch and to work with a character! ;) See you!

sábado, 12 de octubre de 2013

Returning to normal life! :)

As many of my followers and readers know, i was in a hiatus for around three months, attending a personal project. To be focus on finish it timely i dedicated every single free moment so that implied to be working during nights and weekends. The only place where i went during this time was to the supermarket to buy food! XDD I finished timely! So i took a little time to rest and return to the manga. Last weekend I went to shopping. I felt very weird after been months working at home on weekends! This saturday, i decided to go to the park. I went to "The East Park" as it is more known. The name is because it´s situated at the east of the city. I forgot today was holiday so it was full of people!
The day was perfect! Sunny but not too much. Lately, it have been very hot in Venezuela! The first animal I saw was a very tiny turtle! It came near to us but it was a little shy! XD A duck was there too!
I kept walking during a time and i arrived to my favorite place!
There, grow some trees that make with their branches and leaves a ceiling. When is raining season, you can see it like a solid green ceiling! Now, due the hot season, they have lost a lot of leaves!
I stayed there for a long time. It´s very peaceful and it helps to keep quiet your mind. I stayed around during a time and made some sketches. Then i went to visit animals. I made some skeches of birds and monkeys. These last ones always make me laugh a lot with their mischief.
Then, i went to the lake. I always love to see the water and the birds that come near to you looking for some food! There, i ate an empanada and stayed a long time. I wanted to sleep during a time on the grass, but a man came near to me and began to talk during a long time. He liked paint and music too, so we stayed talking during a long.
By the way, that beautiful mountain behind is "El Avila". It´s at the North of the city. It´s one of the things i love more of my city!
I returned at home before the sunset. I enjoyed as never before this day! I played like a little girl, i ate ice cream and talk with a lot of children that came to my side to see what i was drawing. I was needing a day like this!