lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013

Angel Guardian - Chapter 6

Its updated in Smackjeeves! Take a look of the plans that Agramon has against those angels

domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

Go Go Nao-P : ゆうかい

Go Go Nao-P : ゆうかい: チョット前の話ですが… 証拠写真w

Take a look at this 4-koma made by Nao Yazawa ^^

martes, 12 de febrero de 2013

Carnivals / Carnavales


During these days of Carnival I could advance fairly with stories, illustrations and sketches to do I wanted.Even start putting some order in my DeviantArt gallery!

I started with folders of "R & J" and Weakness ". There you will find sub ​​folders to be classified in chapter, character design, work in progress (WIP) and illustrations.

I hope to do the same with the rest of the folders and stories to make it easier to find information. ^ ^

Moreover, I'll be opening commissions both for points as payment via Paypal. My goal this year is to buy the upgrade of Manga Studio 5 and if possible buy a new computer or laptop, so I want to dedicate my efforts to work for it! : D

For not over work myself and meet with the commissioners, I will open slots for different types of commissions with I will work!

If someone from my country (Venezuela), wants commission me, just contact me for details in local currency ^ ^

Have nice day!


Durante estos días de Carnaval he podido adelantar bastante con las historias, hacer ilustraciones y bocetos que quería.  ¡Incluso empezar a poner algo de orden en mi Galería de DeviantArt!

Empecé con las carpetas de "R&J" y Weakness".  Allì encontrarán sub carpetas donde estarán clasificados por capítulo, diseño de personajes, trabajos en progreso (WIP) e ilustraciones.

Espero hacer lo mismo con el resto de las carpetas e historias para que sea más fácil de encontrar la información. ^^

Por otra parte, estaré abriendo comisiones tanto por puntos como por pagos via Paypal.  Mi objetivo este año es comprar el upgrade de Manga Studio 5 y de ser posible comprar una nueva computadora o laptop, así que quiero dedicar mi esfuerzo a trabajar por ello! :D

Para no sobrecargarme de trabajo y poder cumplir a los que comisionan, abriré slots para los diferentes tipos de comisiones con los que trabajaré!

Si alguien de mi país (Venezuela), quiere comisionarme, sólo contáctenme para los detalles en moneda local ^^

¡Que tengan lindo día!

jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Talking about characters....

Today, i was returning home listening music, when suddenly one song inspired me one scene.  It was very clear like if i was watching it in a big screen in front of me, so i began to type every single detail.  I tried not to lose any word that they were talking about it. Then, i realized i was almost crying with the scene, so i had to take a deep breath to avoid to cry  in front of my job partners XD

This is something that happens to me frequently, not only during the process to make dialogues but when i`m drawing the pages.  I need to feel the emotions of every character to put them on paper or the computer screen :P

I´ve asked to other artists if something similar happens to them during their creative process and some of then answer affirmative while others say they never had experienced something like that.

It`s nice to empathize with your characters.  It makes you feel you can really understand them, even if they are the good or bad boys, reflect their own feelings, not yours, but it can be a very exhausting experience.

It`s like if you are an instrument through they want to express themselves.  In my case, some of them like Kyrsiel is like is he who is taking decisions even in the mapping of the scenes! No matter how much i try to do an scene how i want, he will always find a way to do the scene fit to his desire XD

And if i am sincere, i love to see how they manage at the end to tell their own stories and not the one i want to tell  ^^

sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

Work in progress ... Illustration on

Work in progress ... Illustration on

I´m working with the next page of "Steel Blood".  I´m already in the inking process. The page changed a lot of the original sketch.  I´m testing a new pannels disposition...let`s going to see how look the final work XD

Estoy trabajando con la siguiente página de "Steel Blood". ..Estoy ya en el proceso de entintado. La página cambió mucho con respecto al boceto inicial. Estoy probando con una nueva disposición de las viñetas...¡veremos qué tal queda el trabajo final! XD