martes, 18 de diciembre de 2012

I´m Still Alive!!!

♪ Hi, hi!!!  ♫

How are all of you???

I´ve been quite lately, but that not mean i`ve not been working!

I finished a project i could share with all of you afte Dec 20th ^^  It took me more time i was expecting but i enjoyed every single line and i did it with much love!

I´ve been doing drawings and videos for my job too.  December days have been very busy!!

Thanksfully, i will be on vacation since this weekend, so...can you imagine what does it mean?....

    D R A W I N G   T I M E!!!!

My head is full of ideas, my agenda full of pending works, commissions, schedules for the updates of the next two weeks hope you do not kill me for update here so frequently!!!

And now...i will continue working!!

Hugs and kisses to all of you!

PS.- How are you preparing for Christmas Day???

sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2012

Drawing again! ^^

Last days i`ve been a little sick with an allergy that not let me focus on drawing.  Finally the symptoms are less and i began to drawing a little better today, so i began to work with the page 4 of Weakness chapter 3.  I want to finish it very quick but i cannot drawing until dawn today.  I must to take my cat to the vet so i have to wake up early.

Here is an sketch of one pannel of the page ^^

domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2012

Weekend over!

This weekend was not very productive for me.  I´ve been feeling very tired and i was not very creative.

I just did two illustrations.  One of a little dragon and other a quick sketch of Raziel and Reene, the characters of my fancomic "Weakness"

Thanksfully i will have two weeks of vacation in 3 more weeks.  I have a very high debt of sleep with my body.  I hope to be in better mood tomorrow because i must to finish a couple of illustrations!

Well, time to go bed!

Good night and great Monday!!! ^^

sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2012

Page Finished!


Finally, i finished the page 27 of my fancomic "R&J".  Now i will continue with the next one...once i`ve slept a little! *giggle*

The page is in Spanish, but the translation in English is in the comment area.   I´m planning during my vacations to make the English version. ^^

Good night!

jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

A very productive day! ^^

Today it was a very productive day...well, night! *giggle*

Even when i began to work at 10:00 p.m., i had chance to update the webcomic "Angel Guardian" in English and Spanish

I finished the screentones of the characters of the page i´m working on.  Tomorrow just i have to work with backgrounds and some effects, the lettering and the page will be ready! ^^

And...i arrived to my first 33K pageviews in my DeviantArt page! \^0^/

Now i must to go bed!  I have to wake up in 5 and half hours to go to work!! XD

Have a nice day!!

martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

Working with R&J

I´m working on the next page of R&J...but i´m very tired today and i will not be able to finish the inking process this night V__V

domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

Random Things


I´m going to do this journal just in English ....i´m little tired today!  Sorry!

I´ve been not very active these last weeks.  The reason: i´m working with a project.  I cannot give a lot details at this moment but after all is completed i could share  the works i´m doing ;)

By other side, i`ve been feeling very tired lately and that makes me work slowly.  Even when i sleep a lot during Saturdays and Sundays i feel with no energy V__V   Thanksfully, in December i could take some vacation days so i expect to sleep at least one entire weekend!  :giggle:

About manga, i´m working on the next page of R&J and Steel Blood.  Hope i have them ready during this week.

Talking about manga, i´m doing a poll in my page of  DeviantArt to know how many people would be interested on hard copies of the doujinshis.  I will make maybe another one with some questions to decide about this.  This could be included in my goals for the next year ^^

And before to finish this journal, i wanted to tell you the poll of Global Manga Initiative to select the Best of  G.M.I. 2012 is open until January 2013.  If you want to give support to Kyrsiel and his friends you can do it here, selecting Angel Guardian ^^  

Keep in touch!  Hugs!!

domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

Ángel Guardián: Capítulo 5 - Página 26.

Ya está actualizada la versión en español de Ángel Guardián.  Con esto culmina el capítulo 5

El capítulo 6 comenzará pronto.  Ya estoy trabajando con el capítulo 7 que va bastante avanzado, aunque me ha llevado algo de tiempo por algunas perspectivas y expresiones que no había logrado conseguir como quería :)

Espero sus comentarios :D

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

Where do i begin?/¿Por dónde empezar?


You have a wonderful idea!  You are ready to make your own manga/comic but... you don´t know where to begin with!

This is something that happens to more people that you can believe.  I´ve had the same problems many times at the begining.

I`ve received many messages of people asking me how they can do to begin with their manga/comics, so i will do short blog entries about the process i follow based on my own experience.

Hope this can be useful to clarify your questions and doubts.

Every artist works with the tools and process that makes him/her feels confortable, however there are some rules that you must to keep in mind at the moment of create your story.

Before to begin to draw the pages it is necessary you have you story defined, so the next blog entry will be focus on the elements of the story.

Until next entry!


¡Tienes una idea maravillosa! Ya estás listo para hacer su propio manga / cómic pero ... ¡no sabes por dónde empezar!

Esto es algo que le ocurre a más gente de la que puedas creer. Yo misma he tenido este problema muchas veces al principio.

He recibido muchos mensajes de personas que me preguntan cómo pueden hacer para comenzar con su manga / comics, así que voy a hacer entradas cortas de blogs sobre el proceso que sigo basándome en mi propia experiencia.

Espero que esto puede ser útil para aclarar sus dudas y preguntas.

Cada artista trabaja con las herramientas y los procesos con los que el/ella se siente cómodo (a), sin embargo, hay algunas reglas que debes tener en cuenta a la hora de crear tu historia.

Antes de empezar a dibujar las páginas, es necesario que hayas definido tu historia, por lo que la entrada de blog que viene será centrada en los elementos de la historia.

Hasta la entrada que viene!

martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Webcomic update


Just a quick note to tell you the webcomic Angel Guardian is updated!! ^^

Angel Guardian

I´m going to bed now...i´m very tired and i cannot continue drawing (T ^ T) °. 

Have a nice day!! Latido

sábado, 18 de febrero de 2012

Días libres - Holidays!


En Venezuela tenemos los días lunes y martes feriados por celebrarse Carnavales, así que desde ayer empecé a dibujar.  Realicé dos comisiones de las que tengo pendientes T^T

Hoy me tomé un descanso, así que me levanté tarde (me fui a dormir tarde también :P ), almorcé, jugué un rato Resident Evil 4, me fui a dormir otro rato (estoy muy cansada todavía! V___V )y luego me levanté a continuar dibujando, así que continuaré con las comisiones pendientes, nuevas que he recibido y por supuesto con los manga.

Seguimos en contacto!! ^^

In Venezuela, monday and tuesday are Holidays to celebrate Carnivals, so since yesterday i began to drawing. I made two commissions of the ones i have pending! T^T

Today i took a rest, so i woke up late (i went to bed late too :P ), took my lunch, played a while Resident Evil 4, i went to bed again (i´m very tired yet! V__V) and i woke up to continue drawing, so i will continue with the commissions pending, new commissiones i `ve received and of course with manga.

Keep in touch!! ^^ 

miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

Slowly ¬¬

I´ve being working slowly lately. I don`t know if my muse is not around or i am just very tired.

Sometimes is not easy to drawing during night after a hard day of work during day. Thankfully there will be some holidays very soon, so i could take a rest while i drawing Nihihi

Here is a quick sketch i did of the character Raziel from the videogame Soul Reaver, one of my favorites videogames!

My Reflex

And the update of Angel Guardian of today ^^

Page 10

Have a nice day!! Latido

domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012

Practicing colors!


To practice a little with color, i´m making a version of my manga Angel Guardian. New page is ready!O (^ ▽ ^) O 

Angel Guardian 

Now i will go to bed...i`m very tired! (here is 1:37 a.m.). My little cat is waiting for me to go bed too! (/ / / ∇ / /)

Have a nice day!! ^^


jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012


hi, hi!!!

Sorry! I´ve been away! (/ /-_-/ /) 

I was a little sick and i was recovering...i´m returning to drawing slowly.('Д `;)

Hope i can drawing a lot during the weekend! (* ^ ▽ ^ *)

Here you will find the last page of one of my manga

Angel Guardian chap 6 pag 9

Now i have to go bed..i need to wake up early to go to work! (* ^ー^), ruido 

Have a good day!!! ブーケ1


domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

Busy Weekend


This weekend almost finishes here! During the weekend i did 4 manga pages (three of them for a short story i did for fun) and one illustration.

Here you can see the illustration if you want to take a look:

I did too an video of one illustration i did months ago. Always my friends ask me how i did manage to make his hair. Here it is 

Well, i have to go bed early! Tomorrow i have to go to work! (^▽^;)

Have a nice day! ^^

jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

Happy Day!

Today is my birthday. ケーキ I received from my friends a lot of calls, drawings, messages, gift, details... My workstation at the office was decorated with manga characters with the sentence "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

It has been a very happy and exciting day!

I wanted to drawing a little this night but i´m very tired, so i dedicated the time to review and answer e-mails, eat a little of cake ドキドキ (I love strawberry cake!!!) and played a little with my cats!

During my lunch hour, i sketched a new page of one of my manga and began the lineart. Hope to continue tomorrow.

Here is one of my cats! He is Zeus! He is so sweet, but he only allow to be touch when he wants! にひひ


Now is time to go bed! I have to wake up early to go to my job!!

See you soon! ^^

miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012



Today have been a very busy and complicated day! I feel like all my energy was absorbed! ((>д<)) but i have to take advantage of the few hours at night to drawing.

I began to work with a new illustration. Hope i can do it during this weekend.

Now i´m working with one page of one of the manga i`m doing....

Time to return to work!!!

Have a nice day!! ねこへび



¡Hoy ha sido un día muy ocupado y complicado! ¡Siento como si toda mi energía fue absorbida! ((>д<)) pero tengo que tomar ventaja de las pocas horas en la noche para dibujar.

Comencé a trabajar con una nueva ilustración.  Espero poder hacerla durante este fin de semana.

¡¡¡Tiempo de volver al trabajo!!!

¡Que tengan buen día!