domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

Busy Weekend


This weekend almost finishes here! During the weekend i did 4 manga pages (three of them for a short story i did for fun) and one illustration.

Here you can see the illustration if you want to take a look:

I did too an video of one illustration i did months ago. Always my friends ask me how i did manage to make his hair. Here it is 

Well, i have to go bed early! Tomorrow i have to go to work! (^▽^;)

Have a nice day! ^^

jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

Happy Day!

Today is my birthday. ケーキ I received from my friends a lot of calls, drawings, messages, gift, details... My workstation at the office was decorated with manga characters with the sentence "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

It has been a very happy and exciting day!

I wanted to drawing a little this night but i´m very tired, so i dedicated the time to review and answer e-mails, eat a little of cake ドキドキ (I love strawberry cake!!!) and played a little with my cats!

During my lunch hour, i sketched a new page of one of my manga and began the lineart. Hope to continue tomorrow.

Here is one of my cats! He is Zeus! He is so sweet, but he only allow to be touch when he wants! にひひ


Now is time to go bed! I have to wake up early to go to my job!!

See you soon! ^^

miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012



Today have been a very busy and complicated day! I feel like all my energy was absorbed! ((>д<)) but i have to take advantage of the few hours at night to drawing.

I began to work with a new illustration. Hope i can do it during this weekend.

Now i´m working with one page of one of the manga i`m doing....

Time to return to work!!!

Have a nice day!! ねこへび



¡Hoy ha sido un día muy ocupado y complicado! ¡Siento como si toda mi energía fue absorbida! ((>д<)) pero tengo que tomar ventaja de las pocas horas en la noche para dibujar.

Comencé a trabajar con una nueva ilustración.  Espero poder hacerla durante este fin de semana.

¡¡¡Tiempo de volver al trabajo!!!

¡Que tengan buen día!