miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2016

Updating Zazzle Store!

I´ve been working making updates of the stores lately!

We have done a lot new design and we are so happy sharing them!! 

 Somethig that i love is to evaluate which model fits to every product.  It´s very interesting work!

Today, i did updates in the Zazzle store.  Here you will find one of the designs available.  What do you think about it?


Your feedback is always really appreciate it because help me to improve!  ♥

viernes, 14 de octubre de 2016

Applying the manager experience to the artist.

Since i decided to work n drawings and manga, i´ve been feeling like splitted:  during day one person that work and manage, during nights an artist that draw like crazy because i love it!

I´ve tried hardly to keep both roles totally separated, of course!, from time to time the manager gives a slap on the wrist to the artist when i´m procrastinating (yeah, even when i work as crazy i have my times i procrastinate, he, he! :P ) and other times, the artist gives the creativity to the manager to resolve some situations.

From a time ago I´ve been thinking: "What about if instead to be splitted, i merge both?"

During the week of vacations I´ve been thinking seriously about it.  I love both facets of my life so maybe i should not keep it divided.

I will continue observing this idea to find the way both can work on synergy and i will be blogging my experience to help me keeping the track of advances!

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016

Working with order...

One of the things i´ve been trying to improve since i got my PC repaired and i can work constantly again, is the order.

How can i give to my supporters and readers of my stories a better experience without overwhelm them with information and let then to find easy what they want to follow.

 I´ve found Instagram is a great social network that allows me to keep in touch with them frequently (considering time is something very few for me since i work all day and i can dedicate just few hours on nights for drawing, answer e-mails, planning pages of manga, etc.). For me it has been the perfert network.

So i distributed the information in accounts:
  • @Reenaveishere: my main account for share tips, advance of works, and random things with my supporters.  
  • @Reenavestores: To share with supporters the information about the products and services i can give to my supporters  
  • @FatNekoandTanukiGirl: for the readers of the manga. This allows me to share information of the characters and updates of the stories.

 And the aswer of supporters has been great!

I feel very motivated to continue improving and searching new ways to keep in touch as frequently as i can and have time enough to dedicate to the stores to make updates frequently.

 Have any of you other way to kee in touch with your supporters that you would like to share?