domingo, 24 de julio de 2016

PC working

Well, as some of you already know, my PC is finally working again!!

I could save the money for the repair and fortunately, the motherboard could be saved.

Now, that i recovered my main tool of work...what is the next step?

Well, i´ve begin to work on illustrations!  For my Patreon supporters, i´m working an illustration based on a Final Fantasy character.  It´s in progress yet:

About manga stories:

  1. I began to do updates for readers of "Angel Guardian" in Tapastic and LineWebtoons
  2. "Weakness" is beginning to be updated in Tapastic and LineWebtoons.
  3. "Fat Neko and Tanuki Girl"  are being updated in Tapastic and LineWebtoons
Aditionally to this, my friend Lucius and I are working on a short thriller story.  Soon we will share more details.

In the Facebook fanpages, we did a folder where you could find easily the products available about our stories en Zazzle.  Soon, we will do the same about the other stores.

 As you see, we had not wasted time to begin to work hard on the stories and continue doing our best!

I have not planned yet when i will return to update the others fancomics and stories, but as soon as i have time, i will be working on them!

sábado, 2 de julio de 2016

Planning to keep sanity

This week has been very intense!! Too much things to do, planning others, following issues...

It can lead you to stress, madness and frustration if you cannot handle it properly!

If you want to be productive and see results, organizing tasks, prioritize and schedule them is a must to do. In other way, you will be all time running behind the monster of your work, trying to catch it and wasting energy and time unnecessarily.

So, at the moment to plan your work, keep in mind the following:

1.- Divide the task in little tasks.  This will help you to see real progresses and will motivate you.  For example, when i plan a manga page, i make the plan in function of quantity of pages sketched, lineart, screentones, etc. Every time you finish one of the little tasks, you will feel energized for the succeed goal and you could see your real progresses!

2.- Plan in base of real. Expecting to do a comic book on a night when you are tired and in not your best inspirational moment is not only unreal to do but it will lead you to stress trying to get the goal and frustration when it cannot be done.  It's better to be realist and make the plan considering the resources we have, the time, physical and emotional conditions.  While better you feel, it will be easier to produce more.

3.- Have fun.  Almost all people i know that work in art area is because love it!!  So continue enjoying it even when it is for work.  Remember, if you work on something you love, you are not working but having fun!!!

Before to close the entry, i want to say to readers of "Angel Guardian" that support in Patreon there is a surprise there! Hurry! And if you are not supporter yet  want to become in one, it' s very easy the process!! Just join to the page and follow the instructions for become a supporter.  The July month campaign will be focused on Fanart ;)

See you in the next entry!!