domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

Looking at the road traveled ...

Today, i realize that i`m almost finishing the second part of chapter 8 of "Angel Guardian".

I really cannot believe how far i arrived with this story!

When i decided to work on it, i was in a very bad moment in my personal life, so i decided to take the old concepts and story i wrote years ago and began to rewrite it and remake the characters just like a personal therapy to try to surpass the moment.

At the two weeks of begin to work on the sketches and pages, i received a call. Someone was working in a project of a magazine online and wanted to see my works. When i finished the call i really couldn't believe it!

That was the beginning of the journey. That was the impulse i was needing to begin my path of my dream to make manga.

Nowadays, when i look back i cannot say i wasted my time waiting for the perfect moment to begin. The perfect moment arrived itself. When i look the first pages and compare them with the last done, i cannot feel ashamed but proud of myself to keep compromised to improve. Every single panel is full of happy and cheering days and sad and tearful days.

With this, i learned the following life lessons:

  • There is not perfect moment to begin something. You make the moment perfect and the decision to begin something is in your own hands.
  • The begining is hard, but you have to be strong enough to continue if that is your dream.
  • Cheer yourself! And that will give you energy to cheer others!
  • In art, what you do today and you think is perfect it will not be at your own eyes in the future. That is normal! So never wait until you can draw perfectly because perfection is a never ending way.
  • Thanks to everybody that give you a critic. They are your teachers without the title.
  • And the more important: practice, practice, practice! Day after day, days and nights, in every free moment, in any piece of paper you have.

Never give up in your dreams!