viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

300 Likes - Angel Guardian

"Angel Guardian" has reached its first 300 likes!  Time to celebrate it!

Angel Guardian - Facebook

jueves, 29 de octubre de 2015

Hi, hi! ♫

Long time since i did an update here!

It has been a little difficult because my pc is damaged and i`m working with an old one that is very, very slow, so i just review quickly some pages and i prefer to give more attention to continue drawing the manga.

I decided to work on my own Patreon page, so i could buy the piece i need for repair my pc and work faster and with better quality.

I began to put some perks for those who decide to give me support as my patrons for the manga i do.

Take a look at it, and if you can help me to share it!  I really want to have my pc working again and work properly ^^

Reenave Patreon page

Thanks a lot for the support you can give me!!

I will be sharing more information soon!!

Have a great day!!!