miércoles, 2 de enero de 2013

New Year - New Resolutions

♪ Hi, hi!!! ♫

Happy New Year! :party:

I hope all of you enjoyed a beautiful holidays and I wish you the best for this new year.

I want to share somethings about what did I learned of the last year and what will be my resolutions for this year.  Sorry, it would be maybe a little long journal XD

                What did I learn:

These are experiences not only about me, but all around my personal and artistic life:
  • Be greatful:  I´ve received support during the year of many people! In any aspect of my life!  I really appreciate it!  And I do not have ways to retribute this.  Those people have been my strength in the moment I thought I could not continue and the idea to give up flied around my head.  Thank you very much to all of them!
  •  Push your limits:   During the year I received some works that for a moment I thought I could not do it.  I almost through the towel without try it!   But I push myself to do it and I could!  And the results were amazing!  Even more amazing that I was expecting.  No matter how much you read and the people tell you about the limits are inside of you.  You must to live the experience and see the results to prove that all the people told you is right!
  •  Put order, makes schedules:  Something that was very useful to not collapse with all the things! XD
  •  Don`t compare:  Your art is your personal trademark.  During the year I read about many sentences like: “He/she is better than me” “I could never reach that level” “My art is not good”.  I want to say to all my artist parters that your art is unique.  Those people got that level working hard, studying, practicing days and nights.  If you like a specific mangaka look for his/her works.  Not the last ones, the first ones!  You will see how they works were changing with the time, making better and better.  Love what you do and you will see how it will make you happy, if you are going to compare your work, do it with yourself to see your improves.  Feel proud of your progress, which is not something bad.  It`s the compensation to your hard work.  But do not lie to yourself.  If it something bad, something that you cannot do yet, study and practice as much as you can.  Constance and dedication are the keys.
  •  Stop Complain, act: In any aspect of the life, you will find things that you don`t like or you cannot be agreeing with them.  Complaining are not going to make them disappears.  If you can change them Do it!  Don`t wait to any other one do it for you.  If you cannot, don’t waste time on them and use that time to yourself and to beloved people.

Resolutions for the new Year:

I am not going to do a loooong list of goals.  I prefer to focus in a single list and during the year review and add other ones if I feel these were done:

  • ·         Improve anatomy:  Male and female.  Both need a lot of improve in my works.  I will be adding animals to my studies too.
  • ·         Improve in backgrounds and costumes:  I began last year and I saw improves but not the  enough I was expecting.
  • ·         Learn new screentones techniques:  I will be studying works of different comic and manga artists to add new techniques.  The use of black is something I want to learn too.  My actual works are too white! XD
  • ·         Study about any program:  I want to make any course about drawing programs. Flash is someone that catched my attention lately.  Indeed I studied two years of animation but in the traditional way.  I would like to try something different this year.

Well, this one was the first journal of the year.  Sorry for the long text! 

I wish all of you can get your resolutions and goals in this year!