miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2015

Merry Christmas!

I want to thanks to all of you that gave me support during this year!  I wish you the best!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

jueves, 29 de octubre de 2015

Hi, hi! ♫

Long time since i did an update here!

It has been a little difficult because my pc is damaged and i`m working with an old one that is very, very slow, so i just review quickly some pages and i prefer to give more attention to continue drawing the manga.

I decided to work on my own Patreon page, so i could buy the piece i need for repair my pc and work faster and with better quality.

I began to put some perks for those who decide to give me support as my patrons for the manga i do.

Take a look at it, and if you can help me to share it!  I really want to have my pc working again and work properly ^^

Reenave Patreon page

Thanks a lot for the support you can give me!!

I will be sharing more information soon!!

Have a great day!!!

sábado, 11 de julio de 2015

To be or not to be....

Since I’ve been working about my shyness to improve  (I’m not only shy but introverted too XD ), I’ve been reading a lot, even more than I normally do.  Some of the areas I’ve read are about: PNL, Emotional Intelligence, leadership, management, time management, coaching, perfectionism, written about shyness from different points of view, social media, how to deal with hard people, etc…When more I found, more interesting themes and books appeared!

I’ve been putting in practice lately some of the things learned slowly.  Today I wanted to do something big! So, before I left home today to go to the park to make a walk, I thought:  -“Ok! I’m open for the new good experiences I can find in the way!”, and I left home with a little smile.

First thing that happened was some guys near at my home told me some kind words about my look: I was wearing sport clothes, no make up, a pony tail (normally I never take my hair out of my face because I do not like to show my ears, don’t ask me why!! XDD ).  Normally, my reaction should be a shy thanks, blush and hurry my steps. I took a deep breath, smile to them and just said: thank you!  I thought: -“If they had the courage to say something kind, why don’t accept their kindness?”

When I arrived to the park, there were many people practicing something like boxing and kicking discipline with music.  I stayed some minutes looking at them and then an old lady told me: -I would like to do it too, but I don’t feel comfortable doing it alone, would you like to try with me?  My first thought was “I don’t think so” but I changed it immediately with: Why not?

Five minutes later I was kicking and punching on the air and having fun (in my mind I punched and kicked so many things and people that deserve a big one! XDDD )  I stayed there around 15 minutes having fun and I continued my walking, meanwhile the old lady continued having a lot of fun.

In my way, I found a group of guys very differents:  they had weird costumes (not cosplayers, punkies or rockers…I’m use to with that kind of costumes and it’s normal for me!), it was a group around 15 guys and girls, with funny hats, make up, some of them wearing like clowns, singing together but the weird there was not children with them.  I couldn’t avoid staring to them and suddenly, the one that looked like the leader of the group invited me to join to them.  I was very surprised and I didn’t know what to do!  He put me a paper crown and he said:  -You are the Queen for 60 seconds, which one is your first and unique order Your Highness?  I was in shock, so I tried to follow them and the first thing that came to my mind was: -Well…hug a tree!  And everyone was running to look for a tree to hug!!  That made me laugh hard!  One of them began to yell: -My tree has ants!  I answer to him:  -Hug them!  They deserve it too!  And he replied:  -No need to hug them!  They are walking over me!  Every one began to laugh.

I stayed with them a long time, making jokes, pranking.  An old man with a baby looked at us and shout us with a big smile: -Good morning!!  And we replied to him in the same way!  They explained to me they are a group of people with some stress, depression, anxiety and even cancer problems that make something like a laughing therapy and they meet to have fun and play like a children to release the problems.  It was very touching for me and I’m very grateful to met them.  They invited me to join to them next Saturday if I go to the park again.

I continued my walk.  I entered with a shy smile on my face to the park, at this point I had a very big smile and like magic, almost all the people that I faced replied with a smile to me and even a very kind Hello.

I sat under my favorites trees, and I took my little notebook I was carrying in my belt bag.  I began to write about things I’ve been able to do during this time I’m working on my shyness behavior.  These were the points:

  1. Turn off the boiler:  Too many pressure at work, personal problems, economic situation, my damaged pc, the economy of my country…all of these was making me feel like my chest was a boiler near to explode.  My chest was really hurting when I left home and I couldn’t breathe freely.  At this moment, I was breathing freely, there was no pain in my chest and my heart was not only light, but enlighten with all the kindness of the people I found.
  2. Don’t fight, face: I’ve been fighting again shyness since 9 years old.  I did some advances but never could be as open as I would like it.  I found a trainer in leadership that he admits he is introverted, but he is not shy and he makes awesome exposures about leadership!  I realized when you fight something you reinforce it; you have to admit it first, recognize it, and then begin to make the plan to change it at your own rhythm.  It is very motivational to see your first progresses and that give you strength to continue doing thing even bigger.
  3. Managing emotions: It’s amazing how you attract situations and knowledge when you are ready and open to experience it. I wondered how to test my maturity in emotional intelligence.  Normally, I’m very quiet.  I resist too much from the people and I never show my emotions, but inside I’m dying! XD Things affect me more than the people around me could imagine.  So I began to learn how manage this.  And life put me on the way around 4-5 very rude, unkind and bitter people.  The first one experience not only made me feel sad, depressed, tired, and very upset but I knew I didn’t managed it correctly and my though was:  Well, next time will be better.  Next experiences were better and better, I exposed myself on purpose to study their reactions and mine and now I don’t feel upset by the things that people do, don’t affect me more that I want and I even feel compassion for them because not all people knows how to deal with emotions and we don’t know what kind of experiences they had.  This doesn’t mean I passed the test, just I’m beginning to learn how deal with the emotions, not take it personally, and how they act is their problem, not mine.
  4. Open for help, not close yourself:  A very good friend, let me see when I have a problem, I closed inside of myself and I isolate until I find the solution. And just until that point, I open again to the people.  I always thought I was doing it to protect others, but I don’t let the solution comes quicker without receive help.
  5. Destroying barriers:  Normally, I don’t touch people more than a shake hands. When I was with the group I realized that lately, I’ve been touching more the people on shoulders or arms when I’m talking or giving them comfort without feel uncomfortable and even without realize about it.  I wander when I began to do it!

I continued my walk and in the entry of the park, were everything began I met a guy that is from other state and it was his first time in the park!  We kept talking long time like if we have years knowing to each other.

I wanted to share all of this because I have many friends that are dealing with shyness.  Only if you have experience it, you could understand how hard and frustrating can be try and try to surpass that crystal wall with the world. 

And if you have a friend that is shy, don’t push him/her, it’s not helpful tell them how shy they are, that hurts them even more and lead them to depression. Just respect them, encourage them for their succeeds even if they are minimum and don’t make jokes with their weaknesses unless they let you do it.  That support is even more priceless.

sábado, 2 de mayo de 2015


Hi hi! ♫

During last days, i`ve been working on something i wanted to do long ago, and finally is ready!

My own webpage ^^

Here is the Reenave`s Corner

Take a look, test it, and let me know if you find something that needs correction. The blog section is under construction yet, so it`s only for test now.

I tried to keep it simple, intuitive and with the enough information about the webcomics in one place.

Hope you like it! ^^ 

domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

Looking at the road traveled ...

Today, i realize that i`m almost finishing the second part of chapter 8 of "Angel Guardian".

I really cannot believe how far i arrived with this story!

When i decided to work on it, i was in a very bad moment in my personal life, so i decided to take the old concepts and story i wrote years ago and began to rewrite it and remake the characters just like a personal therapy to try to surpass the moment.

At the two weeks of begin to work on the sketches and pages, i received a call. Someone was working in a project of a magazine online and wanted to see my works. When i finished the call i really couldn't believe it!

That was the beginning of the journey. That was the impulse i was needing to begin my path of my dream to make manga.

Nowadays, when i look back i cannot say i wasted my time waiting for the perfect moment to begin. The perfect moment arrived itself. When i look the first pages and compare them with the last done, i cannot feel ashamed but proud of myself to keep compromised to improve. Every single panel is full of happy and cheering days and sad and tearful days.

With this, i learned the following life lessons:

  • There is not perfect moment to begin something. You make the moment perfect and the decision to begin something is in your own hands.
  • The begining is hard, but you have to be strong enough to continue if that is your dream.
  • Cheer yourself! And that will give you energy to cheer others!
  • In art, what you do today and you think is perfect it will not be at your own eyes in the future. That is normal! So never wait until you can draw perfectly because perfection is a never ending way.
  • Thanks to everybody that give you a critic. They are your teachers without the title.
  • And the more important: practice, practice, practice! Day after day, days and nights, in every free moment, in any piece of paper you have.

Never give up in your dreams!

miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2015

The sketch of today

The sketch of today!
Since i had not a lot creativity during my lunch hour, i did the classical scene with a vampire with my own touch. A partner in my job made me realize about some mistakes in his arm and shoulder.

In the moment he helped me to change my perception of the drawing, i could see the mistakes. It`s very useful to have someone that give you this kind of help, especially when the critic is very polite and give you feedback for improve ^^

martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

The sketch of today.

The sketch of today: Gersiel and Mitharael walking on the red carpet to the Oscar ceremony XD

I must admit I`ve never watched an Oscar show so i do not have more idea about how is the process to entry to the place more that some scenes i`ve watched in any film. Due I did this in my job during my lunch hour, i could not have references for the car and the entrance of the place, so i had to do it by memory >////< ...maybe i will try to make a better version if I decide to do it in color.

Gersiel and Mitharael ©  Reenave

sábado, 14 de febrero de 2015

Happy Valentine`s Day!

Happy Valentine`s Day people!! 

Enjoy the day with your couple, your friends, your family or yourself! Because love is around all of us always and not only in one day! 

viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

Sketches of today 02/13/2015

These were the sketches done today.

 I worked with the characters of the Legacy of Kain fancomic, Weakness: Raziel, Zephon and a chibi Raziel because i had not more time! XD

jueves, 12 de febrero de 2015

Sketches done today

Almost daily, i`m practicing during my lunch hour sketching things.  I could not upload them here because my computer was not recognizing the scanner, until today.  But i post pics of them in my Facebook.

Today, i wanted to practice expressions based on the interaction of characters with others:

The first two are Kyrsiel and Midori: her guardian angel not always understood by her :rofl:.  
The second sketch is Kyrsiel and Ronny, those two are crazy!.  
The third sketch are Gersiel and Agramòn:  they cannot see to each other even in pics.  I could say that demon is the only one able to put Gersiel in very, very bad mood!
The four sketch is Gersiel and Mitharael:  his favorite former student.

I think i did these sketches in around 15 minutes.  I had not a lot time today after i ate my lunch :giggle:

Midori, Kyrsiel, Ronny, Gersiel, Agramòn, Mitharael ©  Reenave

jueves, 1 de enero de 2015

Happy New Year! + Updates

:party:  Happy New Year People!!

Hope you enjoy a beatiful holidays! :tighthug:

I began my year working hard:  removing dust and cobwebs from the different sites where i publish the manga stories ^^

Some are updated and with pages scheduled and others require more work like translate pages, adjust sizes, etc.  The list of "to do"  is about 21 items and that not include the making of new pages :giggle:

I only have an item i have not decided what to do about it:  the color version of "Angel Guardian".  Even when i would like to do it, it would take a lot of time and time is precisely what i don`t have a lot every day.  So i would like to know if the readers would like i upload the b/w version and replace the pages with the color once it`s completed.  

Finally i wish you the best in this new year and a lot success and happiness for every one! :tighthug: