martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Webcomic update


Just a quick note to tell you the webcomic Angel Guardian is updated!! ^^

Angel Guardian

I´m going to bed now...i´m very tired and i cannot continue drawing (T ^ T) °. 

Have a nice day!! Latido

sábado, 18 de febrero de 2012

Días libres - Holidays!


En Venezuela tenemos los días lunes y martes feriados por celebrarse Carnavales, así que desde ayer empecé a dibujar.  Realicé dos comisiones de las que tengo pendientes T^T

Hoy me tomé un descanso, así que me levanté tarde (me fui a dormir tarde también :P ), almorcé, jugué un rato Resident Evil 4, me fui a dormir otro rato (estoy muy cansada todavía! V___V )y luego me levanté a continuar dibujando, así que continuaré con las comisiones pendientes, nuevas que he recibido y por supuesto con los manga.

Seguimos en contacto!! ^^

In Venezuela, monday and tuesday are Holidays to celebrate Carnivals, so since yesterday i began to drawing. I made two commissions of the ones i have pending! T^T

Today i took a rest, so i woke up late (i went to bed late too :P ), took my lunch, played a while Resident Evil 4, i went to bed again (i´m very tired yet! V__V) and i woke up to continue drawing, so i will continue with the commissions pending, new commissiones i `ve received and of course with manga.

Keep in touch!! ^^ 

miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

Slowly ¬¬

I´ve being working slowly lately. I don`t know if my muse is not around or i am just very tired.

Sometimes is not easy to drawing during night after a hard day of work during day. Thankfully there will be some holidays very soon, so i could take a rest while i drawing Nihihi

Here is a quick sketch i did of the character Raziel from the videogame Soul Reaver, one of my favorites videogames!

My Reflex

And the update of Angel Guardian of today ^^

Page 10

Have a nice day!! Latido

domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012

Practicing colors!


To practice a little with color, i´m making a version of my manga Angel Guardian. New page is ready!O (^ ▽ ^) O 

Angel Guardian 

Now i will go to bed...i`m very tired! (here is 1:37 a.m.). My little cat is waiting for me to go bed too! (/ / / ∇ / /)

Have a nice day!! ^^


jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012


hi, hi!!!

Sorry! I´ve been away! (/ /-_-/ /) 

I was a little sick and i was recovering...i´m returning to drawing slowly.('Д `;)

Hope i can drawing a lot during the weekend! (* ^ ▽ ^ *)

Here you will find the last page of one of my manga

Angel Guardian chap 6 pag 9

Now i have to go bed..i need to wake up early to go to work! (* ^ー^), ruido 

Have a good day!!! ブーケ1