sábado, 28 de junio de 2014

When you lose your main tool...

Since my computer began to have troubles, the amount of work i could produce began to decreased.  That made me feel very upset and frustrated, because i use to push me hard to produce as much work as i can during the few hours i can work during nights.

Finally, my pc was not continue working.  First weekend i thought i would be crazy!  I felt i was wasting time!  I was very depressed and i kept sleeping almost one entire day trying to evade my worries about the situation.

A good friend has been trying hard to give me a hand with this trouble but something must be very wrong with my pc because nothing have let it begin to work.

Last weekend, i began to work with my old and very noble pc.  She is very slow, has few memory, no graphic card but gives her best.  So, i`m helping myself with her until i can find a final solution.

Trying to find something positive in all of this, I thought maybe this is an exercise to improve my patience and make me slow down.  I must admit i do not have a lot and i always want to finish things as fast as i can, so i stress myself as if an editor was calling me every five minutes to ask me about the pages or illustrations pending.

Searching for a way to canalice my stress, I returned to practice a little of traditional art and it was a very relaxing experience.  I review written chapters of the stories and i did more material and sketches of some complicated scenes that i was plotting since long time.  I will continue working on manga and pending illustrations even when i have to dedicate more time than i use to.

By the way, these are sketches done today during my lunch hour.  I really had not anything in mind, i just began to scratch and these were the results XD