sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2016

Ending 2016

The year is almost finishing in this part of the world.

2016 was a very different year.  It was full of ideas, projects and will to do many things but at the same time with a lot restrictions to make them true.

It was a year when i worked harder than others but i couldn`t see advances.  Many times i was near to give up.  My strenght and enthusiasm abandoned me many times living in a country where the conditions are very tough and the near future is uncertain.

Thankfully, i had great friends that were at my side encouraging me and helping me to not give up!

One of those friends was my partner in the stories of Fat Neko and Tanuki Girl and friend, Lucius Fat Cat, who always was there in the most difficult moments. He is not only a great artist but an amazing friend and i`m very greatful for his support.

I  couldn`t get all the goals i wanted for this year but it made me  stronger, it helped me to get clear what i want to get and how much i`m  decided to do to get it. I have the determination to get all i couldn`t  this year and i`m going for it! Thanks to all the people that in one or other way helped, supported and believed in my work as artist.

What you see in the pic is one of the piles of sketches, drawings and plottings of the manga stories.  Let`s going to do all that a completed work in 2017!

Enjoy a beatiful holidays with all your beloved people and have a lot of fun!

My best wishes,


domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2016

Patreon as my crowdfunding place

Hi everybody!!!

How are you been?

Well, after some days  sick and a very bad cold catched me, i´m recovered again to continue  working! And i did it timely because i got some great news i want to  share with all of you!
I am exploring a possibility to expand my  work as artist.  The news about this possibility made me feel so excited  and happy to do even more.  Just the idea makes me run in circles of  happiness and this requieres i travel.

That is when i felt  anguished when reality slapped my face!  Many of you should know the  very hard economical situation and troubles we are having here in my  country and the possibilities to save money for travel are very few for  not to say impossible.  I really was despaired since i wanted to try but  my head didn´t stop to think: How could i get the money?  I was falling  in depression since I felt with my hands tied and not seeing any way to do it.

And,  when i was thinking about it some nights ago on my bed, loosing the  hope to find a way and almost giving up of the idea, suddlenly i  though:  Hey!  What about if i work with my Patreon page as my crowfunding?

Inmediately, i got up and began to think how to gave it form to the idea until i finally decided to do it!
So officially, my Patreon campaign is open for it!!!!

Pledges since $1 are accepted and my supporters will have access to:
  • Sketches for practice
  • Advance of manga pages
  • Patrons will get access to pages completed before to be published freely
  • Can get option for illustrations (limited number of slots, sorry!  I need to stay focused on do manga for all readers!)
    Access to a Dragon Ball fancomic exclusive for Patreon supporters for their fun!
  • All the supporters, no matter how much they pledge, will get access to the photos and information we will share of the trip.
I´m  not offering crazy rewards to my supporters, since i want to give them  what i can right now with responsibility and doing work with quality as i  always i´ve tried.  Depending on how things go with the campaign, i  could consider include other kind of rewards! ;)

There is hope yet to accept this new challenge and i´m going to work with all my strenght for it!!!

Since  already, thanks a lot to all those who wants to support me and be sure i  will give my best in every single drawing i do! 

Let´s do it!

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016

Updates in Linewebtoons


Stories in Linewebtoons were updated!

If you follow them there take a look at it! ^^


Remember, if you want to support the stories, in Linewebtoon you will find the link to support through Patreon ;)

miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2016

Update in Wattpad


Just a quick note to let you know that "Angel Guardian" is updated in Wattpad ^^

Would you like i upload the other stories there?

miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2016

Updating Zazzle Store!

I´ve been working making updates of the stores lately!

We have done a lot new design and we are so happy sharing them!! 

 Somethig that i love is to evaluate which model fits to every product.  It´s very interesting work!

Today, i did updates in the Zazzle store.  Here you will find one of the designs available.  What do you think about it?


Your feedback is always really appreciate it because help me to improve!  ♥

viernes, 14 de octubre de 2016

Applying the manager experience to the artist.

Since i decided to work n drawings and manga, i´ve been feeling like splitted:  during day one person that work and manage, during nights an artist that draw like crazy because i love it!

I´ve tried hardly to keep both roles totally separated, of course!, from time to time the manager gives a slap on the wrist to the artist when i´m procrastinating (yeah, even when i work as crazy i have my times i procrastinate, he, he! :P ) and other times, the artist gives the creativity to the manager to resolve some situations.

From a time ago I´ve been thinking: "What about if instead to be splitted, i merge both?"

During the week of vacations I´ve been thinking seriously about it.  I love both facets of my life so maybe i should not keep it divided.

I will continue observing this idea to find the way both can work on synergy and i will be blogging my experience to help me keeping the track of advances!

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016

Working with order...

One of the things i´ve been trying to improve since i got my PC repaired and i can work constantly again, is the order.

How can i give to my supporters and readers of my stories a better experience without overwhelm them with information and let then to find easy what they want to follow.

 I´ve found Instagram is a great social network that allows me to keep in touch with them frequently (considering time is something very few for me since i work all day and i can dedicate just few hours on nights for drawing, answer e-mails, planning pages of manga, etc.). For me it has been the perfert network.

So i distributed the information in accounts:
  • @Reenaveishere: my main account for share tips, advance of works, and random things with my supporters.  
  • @Reenavestores: To share with supporters the information about the products and services i can give to my supporters  
  • @FatNekoandTanukiGirl: for the readers of the manga. This allows me to share information of the characters and updates of the stories.

 And the aswer of supporters has been great!

I feel very motivated to continue improving and searching new ways to keep in touch as frequently as i can and have time enough to dedicate to the stores to make updates frequently.

 Have any of you other way to kee in touch with your supporters that you would like to share?

domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2016

Lucius Fat Cat webpage

It`s Sunday... we should be resting but no...we are working for fun! ^^ My friend and partner in the stories of Fat Neko and Tanuki Girl, Lucius Fat Cat has his own page for his art! I`m very happy to see him giving his first steps to show openly his art! By my own experience, i know how hard is to decide to show in public our works. Please, take a look at his page and test it! Let us know if you find any trouble and sumscribe to his page to be updated with his new arts available http://reenave.wixsite.com/luciusfatcatart

sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2016

Fat Neko and Tanuki Girl in Instagram

And...we decided to do the own Instagram account for Fat Neko and Tanuki Girl!! This would be an easy way to share frequently with the readers and keep the information about only one story together. I`m thinking to do the same with "Angel Guardian" What would you think about it? :)

viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016

Information about Fat Neko and Tanuki Girl manga.

I'm very happy and proud to share with all of you that my great friend and partner in the stories of "Fat Neko and Tanuki Girl" @wordlesschronicle a.k.a. #LuciusFatCat has decided to make public his profile to share his art. Lucius is a great artist in watercolor with Asian thematic, but that is not all!! He is an #ikebana artist (floral arrangements), and a great vegan cooker!! Lets give him a lot love to his art!! Follow him to get updated with his new works!!

domingo, 24 de julio de 2016

PC working again...now...what?

Well, as some of you already know, my PC is finally working again!!

I could save the money for the repair and fortunately, the motherboard could be saved.

Now, that i recovered my main tool of work...what is the next step?

Well, i´ve begin to work on illustrations!  For my Patreon supporters, i´m working an illustration based on a Final Fantasy character.  It´s in progress yet:

About manga stories:

  1. I began to do updates for readers of "Angel Guardian" in Tapastic and LineWebtoons
  2. "Weakness" is beginning to be updated in Tapastic and LineWebtoons.
  3. "Fat Neko and Tanuki Girl"  are being updated in Tapastic and LineWebtoons
Aditionally to this, my friend Lucius and I are working on a short thriller story.  Soon we will share more details.

In the Facebook fanpages, we did a folder where you could find easily the products available about our stories en Zazzle.  Soon, we will do the same about the other stores.

 As you see, we had not wasted time to begin to work hard on the stories and continue doing our best!

I have not planned yet when i will return to update the others fancomics and stories, but as soon as i have time, i will be working on them!

sábado, 2 de julio de 2016

Planning to keep sanity

This week has been very intense!! Too much things to do, planning others, following issues...

It can lead you to stress, madness and frustration if you cannot handle it properly!

If you want to be productive and see results, organizing tasks, prioritize and schedule them is a must to do. In other way, you will be all time running behind the monster of your work, trying to catch it and wasting energy and time unnecessarily.

So, at the moment to plan your work, keep in mind the following:

1.- Divide the task in little tasks.  This will help you to see real progresses and will motivate you.  For example, when i plan a manga page, i make the plan in function of quantity of pages sketched, lineart, screentones, etc. Every time you finish one of the little tasks, you will feel energized for the succeed goal and you could see your real progresses!

2.- Plan in base of real. Expecting to do a comic book on a night when you are tired and in not your best inspirational moment is not only unreal to do but it will lead you to stress trying to get the goal and frustration when it cannot be done.  It's better to be realist and make the plan considering the resources we have, the time, physical and emotional conditions.  While better you feel, it will be easier to produce more.

3.- Have fun.  Almost all people i know that work in art area is because love it!!  So continue enjoying it even when it is for work.  Remember, if you work on something you love, you are not working but having fun!!!

Before to close the entry, i want to say to readers of "Angel Guardian" that support in Patreon there is a surprise there! Hurry! And if you are not supporter yet  want to become in one, it' s very easy the process!! Just join to the page and follow the instructions for become a supporter.  The July month campaign will be focused on Fanart ;)

See you in the next entry!! 


martes, 21 de junio de 2016

Reenave Stores information


I've been pretty busy last weeks with the project of "Fat Neko and Tanuki Girl". We are working hard on it and having fun!!!

At the same time, I've been working with other ideas and updating sites.  So finally i put on day the stores with the last designs available in different products.

To help my followers and readers to be updated, the Twitter account @ReenaveStores will be available and updated with the products in the different stores.

Follow it and keep updated with the designs i will be uploading and the surprises I'm working on for my followers!

Thanks for your support!!

viernes, 10 de junio de 2016

A perfect day begins!

The day began so bright and clear!

I would like to be in the square with my sketchbook just drawing without to think about nothing.

I hope this weekend i have so time to do it!  ^^

These pics are from Plaza Francia in Altamira, Caracas - Venezuela

miércoles, 8 de junio de 2016

Updating around here...

Long time since i did the last entry!

The lack of my PC definitely has affected my frequency of updates in many sites and the interaction with followers but it has not stopped me to continue doing my best with the tools i have at hand.

The last project I've been working on with other great artist is "Fat Neko and Tanuki Girl adventures".  With this project, we want to work on comics and funny stories and mix them with educative material as the promotion of animal protection for example.

We have begin to publish the first stories in Tapastic and Webtoons and we are very happy with the support of readers!

We are uploading some designs in our Redbubble Store and is very exciting to see readers sharing and liking it.

We will continue working on this project with a lot energy and enthusiasm!!

sábado, 30 de enero de 2016

Hi, hi! ♫


How are you? ^^

The year began a little slow for me.  I had troubles with my internet for the last three weeks, so i just could checked some few things through my cellphone.  Finally was resolved!

But it was not as bad after all:  I was planning many things, scheduling activities and suddenly... no internet!!  One of my main tools of work!

So, i re-evaluated things, took other decisions,  found other ideas and now...i`m rescheduling everything! ^^

Talking about reschedule, i found an online tool that was very useful for me.  It`s Trello.  Since i am the type of person that like organize everything, make plannings, etc.  I found this tool help me to do it with all my projects in one place.  I left you the link here just in case some of you want to test it and can be as useful for your works as it is with mine ^^  https://trello.com 

Stay tune up!  New things are comming very soon! 

sábado, 2 de enero de 2016

... And with it a new start in life.

Last year was full of good and not so good experiences. I learned some life lessons easily, others in the rude way.

However, I'm not complaining about these last ones that helped me growing as a person and broaden my vision as an artist. They also made me realize the people who are with me forever, no matter where in the world they are. For these people will always be my eternal gratitude.

Among the positive things both personally and professionally are:

- Recognition of years of work.
- Assigning of projects that demanded a lot of work and attention, but they made me feel satisfied with the final results.
- Improvement in the work of the anatomy.
- Practice of traditional drawing as my pc is damaged and learning techniques that help me solve with few resources. (Every cloud has a silver lining, we say in my country;))
- A new kitten called Sussie, which is now Marilyn sister to keep her company while I'm at work.
- I was able to wear high heels after years of not being able to use them for health issues.
- The "resurrection" of Versailles! (Those who know me know I'm a fan of Versailles, hehehe!)

On things that were not so well i could say:

- My main work PC was damaged and I could not fix it so far.
- Some health issues.
- The loss of my dear kitten Kiss.
- General situation of my country that end affecting general level topics.
- I met great friends that even though they are not physically at my side, they were with me celebrating the new year with me!  Thanks internet for this!! <3

As you see, I prefer to make the longest list of good things that the things not as positive as I want to focus on what I need to improve and leave behind what does not leave me anything productive or that can no longer be changed.

This year, on the artistic side, I want to devote myself to improve perspectives and backgrounds without neglecting the study of anatomy.

I also want to resume webcomics, that helps me a lot to have fun, get the creative side and enjoy my favorite characters.

As I can no longer go to the speed with which I usually work, I decided to take it easy, no stress, and make a plan to help me work with in order even when my head goes a thousand revolutions per minute.

I have high expectations at this like the best stage of my life, however expectations and desires are nothing if we do not work for them, and the word “work” does not intimidate me, by the opposite, it motivates me.

I wish for each and every one of you a great year full of happiness, health and success. Dream in big and work for it!