domingo, 19 de marzo de 2017

FantArt Finished - Captain Future

I finished ths work today!

I totally enjoy it!

Captain Future is the main character of a very old anime serie of the Toei Animation, based on the characters of an American story.

The guy was not only brave, but just and noble.  I think i loved that characteristics of him even more his abilities and how much smart he was.

I always remember a chapter when he did all in his hands to save a character that kept him since he was a child, when his own parents die.  I think it was the first time an anime almost made me cry.

One of the things i admire a lot of the old animated series is how they did all that without technology. The effects and textures were done by interpretation of the artists.  Every single frame done totally by hand.  That is really love for art!

I am always an entusiast of the progress and technologies and i like to see day by day it is more helpful for art, but as artist i cannot put aside all the effort the old generation of artists did to make great anime series with high quality. I take off my hat in front of them!

The soundtrack of the serie was amazing too!  This song helped me to get the mood to work on the illustration

The full size drawing will be available for my supporters in Patreon.  Hope you like it as much i loved to work on it!

See you in the stars, Captain!

sábado, 18 de marzo de 2017

FanArt - Mode Activated! XD

I`m feeling nostalgic about old school anime series, so i decided to do a fanart of one of those series i loved a lot:  Captain Future.

I expect i can complete it tonight if my back let me stay sit a couple of more hours XD