domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2016

Patreon as my crowdfunding place

Hi everybody!!!

How are you been?

Well, after some days  sick and a very bad cold catched me, i´m recovered again to continue  working! And i did it timely because i got some great news i want to  share with all of you!
I am exploring a possibility to expand my  work as artist.  The news about this possibility made me feel so excited  and happy to do even more.  Just the idea makes me run in circles of  happiness and this requieres i travel.

That is when i felt  anguished when reality slapped my face!  Many of you should know the  very hard economical situation and troubles we are having here in my  country and the possibilities to save money for travel are very few for  not to say impossible.  I really was despaired since i wanted to try but  my head didn´t stop to think: How could i get the money?  I was falling  in depression since I felt with my hands tied and not seeing any way to do it.

And,  when i was thinking about it some nights ago on my bed, loosing the  hope to find a way and almost giving up of the idea, suddlenly i  though:  Hey!  What about if i work with my Patreon page as my crowfunding?

Inmediately, i got up and began to think how to gave it form to the idea until i finally decided to do it!
So officially, my Patreon campaign is open for it!!!!

Pledges since $1 are accepted and my supporters will have access to:
  • Sketches for practice
  • Advance of manga pages
  • Patrons will get access to pages completed before to be published freely
  • Can get option for illustrations (limited number of slots, sorry!  I need to stay focused on do manga for all readers!)
    Access to a Dragon Ball fancomic exclusive for Patreon supporters for their fun!
  • All the supporters, no matter how much they pledge, will get access to the photos and information we will share of the trip.
I´m  not offering crazy rewards to my supporters, since i want to give them  what i can right now with responsibility and doing work with quality as i  always i´ve tried.  Depending on how things go with the campaign, i  could consider include other kind of rewards! ;)

There is hope yet to accept this new challenge and i´m going to work with all my strenght for it!!!

Since  already, thanks a lot to all those who wants to support me and be sure i  will give my best in every single drawing i do! 

Let´s do it!