jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Talking about characters....

Today, i was returning home listening music, when suddenly one song inspired me one scene.  It was very clear like if i was watching it in a big screen in front of me, so i began to type every single detail.  I tried not to lose any word that they were talking about it. Then, i realized i was almost crying with the scene, so i had to take a deep breath to avoid to cry  in front of my job partners XD

This is something that happens to me frequently, not only during the process to make dialogues but when i`m drawing the pages.  I need to feel the emotions of every character to put them on paper or the computer screen :P

I´ve asked to other artists if something similar happens to them during their creative process and some of then answer affirmative while others say they never had experienced something like that.

It`s nice to empathize with your characters.  It makes you feel you can really understand them, even if they are the good or bad boys, reflect their own feelings, not yours, but it can be a very exhausting experience.

It`s like if you are an instrument through they want to express themselves.  In my case, some of them like Kyrsiel is like is he who is taking decisions even in the mapping of the scenes! No matter how much i try to do an scene how i want, he will always find a way to do the scene fit to his desire XD

And if i am sincere, i love to see how they manage at the end to tell their own stories and not the one i want to tell  ^^